As we’ve mentioned in a previous post, mobile traffic is increasing. From what we’ve seen, well over 30% of traffic (and increasing) hitting the sites we manage comes from a mobile device. Since Adobe has killed off mobile flash, most … Continued

So it’s time to update your business’s website and you, like most businesses, have a fairly tight budget. The big question is how do you allocate that budget? Content is King, all hail the king There is a lot that … Continued

So you have a great call to action leading up to a form, but your conversion rate still isn’t as good as it could be? Take a look at your abandonment rate. What is the abandonment rate? the abandonment rate … Continued

As discussed in a previous article, a call to action can help increase conversions.  Even the worst built call to action will have some positive effect, however if your call to action is well built, you can drastically improve it’s effectiveness. … Continued

In sales, one of the most effective methods of making a sale is to ask for it. You confront your client, and ask ‘Can I ring that up for you, or did you need something else?’. Another great example of asking … Continued

QR codes are a fantastic means of providing mobile users a way to access your site. It allows you to better track which qr code sent the user (using URL variables) allowing for better reporting an conversion tracking, and of … Continued

You may have a website, but do you really own it? Who owns the domain name? If you relied on someone else to register the domain name for you, there might be a chance that your are not the owner.