Are you thinking about redesigning your website? Redesigning a website can be an expensive endeavour and can be disastrous if not done for the right reasons, or with the proper research. A great example of that would be some of the updates that Facebook has made in the past. While many of their redesigns had […]

So it’s time to update your business’s website and you, like most businesses, have a fairly tight budget. The big question is how do you allocate that budget? Content is King, all hail the king There is a lot that goes into building great websites, but one of the most important things is content. Great […]

QR codes are a fantastic means of providing mobile users a way to access your site. It allows you to better track which qr code sent the user (using URL variables) allowing for better reporting an conversion tracking, and of course, for your user, it means they don’t have to poke and prod at a […]

Sliders have been a huge part of almost every new design we’ve been seeing (guilty of it ourselves).¬†They offer a way to deliver a large amount of content in a relatively small space, and look absolutely stunning in almost any design. They take the place of the older design staple, the header image. In a […]

When a process becomes too long (or appears to long) you will lose customers. It’s a simple fact of life. This couldn’t have been made clearer during a recent call with intuit. One of our customers computers recently kicked the bucket, and they asked us to come in and transfer what we could to their […]