Web agencies always say that a website is a must-have for any business, and for a majority of cases this is true. There are, however, some cases where a website just doesn’t make sense. The business can’t handle additional clients Some businesses just aren’t ready to grow. If you have a core of loyal customers, […]

In a word, Yes. Website redesigns do affect SEO. Losing ranking is often the biggest fear surrounding a website redesign, and this concern is valid. If your website redesign is not done correctly then you could see you website disappear overnight. However, if you do it right, a website redesign will have you ranking better and […]

#1 If the entire conversation is about keywords, run!  It’s less about keywords, or keyword optimization, yes, keywords are somewhat important, but it’s quality content that is more important. Good content will lead to better rankings without having to try to game the system. It will also lead to more conversions. If you can fit […]

Many of today’s About Us pages maintain an uninspired, unoriginal existence. Most of them follow a cookie-cutter form that does little or nothing to help the customer OR your business.The proof of this inefficiency of About Us pages is in the numbers. Statistics demonstrate that About Us pages often account for less than 2% of […]

Testimonials can make or break a business. According to a 2012 survey by Nielson, Consumer opinions posted online are second only to personal recommendations when it comes to trust. We place far more weight on what other people are saying about a product or service than what that company says. This shows by looking at how […]

The title may sound extremist, and if your website is doing well, and has a good conversion rate, then feel free to ignore this as it probably doesn’t apply to you. If your website is not bringing you any business however, spending money on paid advertising like Adwords can be one of the biggest mistakes […]

One of the best sources of new business is referrals. They are the easiest type of lead to convert because someone has already done part of the sales job for you by vouching for your services. If your business doesn’t have a strong focus on referrals, then you are missing out on a very important […]

One of the most overlooked and neglected parts of many small and medium sized business’ websites is content. Content is what is going to sell your visitors on your product and/or service. Normally we recommend to clients that they use the services of a professional copywriter. A good copywriter will be able to produce text […]