In a word, Yes. Website redesigns do affect SEO. Losing ranking is often the biggest fear surrounding a website redesign, and this concern is valid. If your website redesign is not done correctly then you could see you website disappear overnight. However, if you do it right, a website redesign will have you ranking better and […]

#1 If the entire conversation is about keywords, run!  It’s less about keywords, or keyword optimization, yes, keywords are somewhat important, but it’s quality content that is more important. Good content will lead to better rankings without having to try to game the system. It will also lead to more conversions. If you can fit […]

The number of mobile users are fast increasing and mobile traffic on websites are right up there as well. Sadly many sites that are out there are not optimized for mobile traffic, and some can’t handle it all. Over the past months, we have seen mobile traffic across the sites we manage more than double. […]

So you have a great call to action leading up to a form, but your conversion rate still isn’t as good as it could be? Take a look at your abandonment rate. What is the abandonment rate? the abandonment rate is the percentage of people who start in your conversion process, however don’t complete the […]

Let us begin by telling a story… We have a client who was with an “SEO Specialist” who built them a site, and promoted it. While we normally think that full scale active SEO (vs a more localized or social approach) is not really needed for most businesses, this customer legitimately needed it. While this […]

Everywhere you go, people are talking about SEO, trying to sell you it, offering to make you the top page in google, and so on and so forth. With all this hype of SEO it must be important right?  Everyone is googling stuff right? The answer to that question depends on your business model who […]