The Importance of good content

One of the most overlooked and neglected parts of many small and medium sized business’ websites is content. Content is what is going to sell your visitors on your product and/or service.

Normally we recommend to clients that they use the services of a professional copywriter. A good copywriter will be able to produce text that will be better suited for your target audience, produce higher conversion rates, and perform well in SEO.

Before starting any content (or any website in fact) some of the very first things you need to do are:

  1. Set a goal

    target-dartKnowing what action you want your visitors to take will help you tailor your content into guiding your visitor to the goal.

  2. Identify your target market.

    The language and tone of your content (and design to some extent) is determined by your target audience. If you expect your visitors to be engineers looking for very detailed specifications, it’s ok to use industry jargon and technical terms. However if your target audience is an 81 year old grandmother, she may not understand those technical terms and jargon. The text needs to be (no insult intended) dumbed down to the level that your target audience will understand. Sadly this is one of the biggest problems for business owners who decide to write their own content. They are too close to the industry and have a hard time seeing it from an outside perspective.

  3. Know what information your target market they be looking for

    When writing content, make sure that any and all information that your visitor might need or want to know is contained in the content. Things such as; does the product do X,  what are the dimensions of the product, cost are all things that are often omitted from the content. This can lead to visitors getting frustrated and leaving the site to find the information elsewhere, or getting the product or service from a competitor that does provide that information. Omitting cost (call for pricing / contact us for a quote) can be a conscious decision, and the request for pricing can actually be a goal. While a very good strategy to help increase conversion rates, if your competition is showing pricing, than clients are more likely to go with them.

  4. Know what keywords you want that content page to contain

    magnifying_glassKnowing how you want search engines to find you is a key part of content writing. While engaging your visitors, and converting them is by far the most important function of any content, having the right keywords worked in naturally, is just as important. One mistake that many companies make (especially SEO companies) is to write the content around the keywords, and that can often result in pages that have poor conversion rates. On the other hand, another mistake the companies often make, is not thinking about keywords at all. The result of this is that their sites/pages are difficult to find. The key is to have a good balance, and keeping a page focused (don’t have unrelated keywords on your page).

Knowing these elements before you start writing or before you speak to a copy writer will get you better content, and better content sells.