Neave Group

Neave Group is a landscaping company with 40 years in the business and a number of specialized divisions. In their service areas they are considered to be one of the top landscaping companies, catering to commercial customers as well as residential clients.

Initial Situation


  • Neave Group had a number of websites and landing pages for their different divisions.
  • Each of their division sites had a different look, and the writing style was done in different voices.
  • The content ranged from being overly technical, to pure SEO marketing pages that made no sense at all, with only a handful of well-written pages.
  • Most of the division sites looked dated.
  • Conversion tracking was not working properly for all the sites.
  • Some of the code was not valid.
  • Cross site traffic wasn’t really well followed.
  • Main navigation links would send clients to completely different websites.
  • Duplicate content existed between the different sites.


  • A new responsive global design was applied to the different divisions, altering colors and backgrounds to maintain division identity, while keeping familiar elements and layout to ease transitions between the divisions.
  • New content sitemaps were created, greatly expanding the amount of pages each site.
  • New content was written for the divisions, all in a similar style and voice.
  • Forms were made more accessible, and call to actions were added.
  • Cross-selling opportunities were added to help potential customers discover complementary services available through the other divisions.


While the overall process took far longer than we anticipated, the client now has 13 sites that all have the same look and feel, while still maintaining each division’s identity.

Initial numbers show traffic and conversions to be improved versus previous years, though in some areas comparison is not possible due to initial tracking issues as well as some growing pains as new solutions were added during the course of the project.

Overall tracking has been vastly improved, and we are now able to track cross-site conversions as well as AdWords conversions far more accurately.

While we started the initial work, we can’t take full credit. A good part of the success can be attributed to Andy McClure at Sherpa Business Development and the whole team at Landscape Leadership. Landscape Leadership has taken over the majority of the work at this point, providing social media management, blog writing, and other inbound marketing efforts. Much of the continued success can be firmly attributed to them, and that is just one of the reasons why I recommend them for any business in the green industry.

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