Top Tier Fitness

Top Tier Fitness was introduced to us by one of our existing customers. They are a gym located in Kewanee, IL. The owner, Scott, is an ACE certified personal trainer with a passion for fitness and healthy living.

Initial Situation

  • The customer had initially contracted another company for this project, and due to some conflicts, decided not to continue with them and the project was left as is.
  • There were several unfinished elements in the site.
  • The site didn’t work well on mobile devices.
  • The main conversion element, a contact form, sent email to an email address that wasn’t set up.


While we can’t take credit for the original design, a lot of the site content needed to be changed, and the code needed to be rewritten. In addition the site was made responsive and Social media was integrated, particularly on the classes page, where they use their Facebook page feed to keep customers informed about class times and changes.


Work on this site has been completed, and the Top Tier Fitness website is up. The courses page is particularly popular, and the integrated Facebook feed helps keep visitors in tune with the courses. Sadly this site is no longer live – After several years of operation, the business has closed it’s doors.

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