Website Marketing

Website Marketing isn’t a “one plan fits all” type of industry. Your business, goals, and target audience are unique, and your marketing plan should reflect that. That’s why we take the time to learn about your company before coming up with a strategy.

Pre-Marketing Evaluation

We’ve seen companies spend thousands of dollars on marketing websites that don’t work, or aren’t set up to convert visitors. Before we start any website marketing services, we like to ensure that the website is fully functional and converting visitors.

While marketing your website is important, our number one priority is on conversions. The better you can convert traffic, the better your marketing campaigns’ return. It also allows you to get more out of your regular website traffic.


The Website Marketing Plan

After evaluating your website, We talk with you to find out what you hope to accomplish, and who your target audience is. We’ll present different marketing plans and explain the costs and benefits of each. These will often include a combination of:

  • SEO optimization
  • PPC (paid advertising)
  • inbound marketing
  • email campaigns
  • social media

Except for paid advertising, results often take time. Most customers can expect an increase in business after the first year. Although if you are working with us on a new website or a redesign, you may see results sooner.



Most of our customers usually invest between $24,000 or more a year in marketing. The amount you’ll pay will depend on the marketing plan that you choose.

Too expensive? Don’t think of it as an expense, but rather as an investment. How valuable would an increase in business be to you?

The site that was built for me by Last Rose Studios was fantastic. The style that was created is simple and beautiful. Most of all, the service I received was focused and they understood how and what to highlight on each page of my website.
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