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We don’t just build websites and walk away. We build a partnership with you and make sure you get results. That focus is what separates us from our competition.

Our History

The Early Years

The planning for Last Rose Studios started in 2009 and was to be primarily a photography business.

At that time, our current CEO was a partner in another web development company that focused on low quality, low value, and high volume websites.

In August 2010, he stepped down from his position to form Last Rose Studios. He was disgusted by the poor quality of the sites and service that clients were receiving and set about to change that.

A lot of the groundwork for the photography business was done. The web development side of things got added to the existing plans and in September 2010 Last Rose Studios was created.


The Marketing Shift

Initially, website development and photography where the only services we offered. While working with our customers, we came to realize that many didn’t know what to do with the website once it was built.

In 2012, we started offering our customers marketing as well as website development. We also stopped offering photography, as it was not a big part of our business.

Around that time, we also started working with Landscape Leadership – an inbound marketing agency focusing on the landscaping industry.

We were so impressed by the results that they got for their clients using inbound marketing, which we quickly set about adding it to the services we could provide you.

The Growth-Driven Design movement

In 2015, Luke Summerfield (from Hubspot) coined the concept of Growth-Driven Design.

Growth-Driven Design is a way of building websites that consists of frequent, small changes rather than one big redesign every few years.

While we have always believed in the core of the Growth-Driven Design philosophy, it was thanks to Luke and the resources he provided that we can call ourselves a Growth-Driven Design agency.

What We Do

While our initial focus was on photography, that is no longer a part of our business. Today, Last Rose Studios is a full service, Growth-Driven Design web agency offering a range of services; from simple website development to redesigns and marketing to customers all across North America.

While we do most of the work in-house, when we feel there is a significant advantage to you, we do occasionally hire out to freelancers. As those freelancers who work with us can attest to (and often complain about), we hold them to our high standards.


Our Customers

We are lucky to have great customers from across North America – Hawaii, Colorado, New York, Texas, and Quebec to name just a few. We could not do what we do if it was not for them, and hopefully you.

Most of our customers are small and medium-sized business – though we have a soft spot for entrepreneurs just getting started. They may not always have the budget that some of our other customers have, but we love seeing their business grow.


Our Mission

We believe that websites are never truly done. With continually evolving standards, and “search engine algorithm” changes, as well shifts in your business’ strategies, a website is never truly completed.

Our mission is to focus on getting the most out of a website, and helping businesses achieve goals through Growth-Driven Design.


The site that was built for me by Last Rose Studios was fantastic. The style that was created is simple and beautiful. Most of all, the service I received was focused and they understood how and what to highlight on each page of my website.
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